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Former Bishops

The Rt. Rev. Charles Inglis: D.D.
Consecrated, August 12, 1787.
Died, February 24, 1816.



The Rt. Rev. Robert Stanser: D.D.
Consecrated, May 16, 1816.
Died, December 23, 1828



The Rt. Rev. John Inglis: D.D.
Consecrated, March 26, 1825.
Died, October 27, 1850.



The Rt. Rev. Hibbert Binney: D.D.
Consecrated, March 26, 1851.
Died, April 30, 1887.



The Rt. Rev. Frederick Courtney: D.D., D.C.L.
Consecrated, April 26, 1888.
Died, December 29, 1918.



The Most Rev. Clarendon Lamb Worrell: M.A., D.D., D.C.L.
Consecrated, October 18, 1904. Metropolitan of Canada, 1915. Primate of all Canada. 1931. Died, August 10,1934.



The Most Rev. John HacKenley B.A., D.D.
Consecrated. January 6, 1925. Metropolitan of Canada 1939.
Died, November 16, 1943.



The Most Rev. George Frederick Kingston
M.A., Ph.D., D.D.
Consecrated, April 25,1940. Bishop of Algoma, 1940-1944.
Bishop of Nova Scotia, 1944. Primate of all Canada and
Archbishop of Nova Scotia, 1947. Died, November 20, 1950.


The Rt. Rev. Robert Harold Waterman: B.A., D.D., D.C.L.
Consecrated, January 27, 1948. Installed Bishop
Coadjutor of Nova Scotia, January 27, 1948. Bishop of Nova Scotia, November 20,1950. Enthroned, January 26, 1951. Retired June 20,1963. Died, December 16, 1984.


The Most Rev. William Wallace Davis B.A., B.D., D.D. Consecrated, February 26, 1958. Installed Bishop Coadjutor of Nova Scotia February 26, 1958. Bishop of Nova Scotia July 1,1963. Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, June 8,1972. Retired, August 31, 1975. Died, May 28,1987.


The Rt. Rev. George Feversham Arnold M.A, B.D., D.D. Consecrated September 21,1967. Installed Bishop Suffragan of Nova Scotia, September 21, 1967. Elected Bishop Co-Adjutor, May 29, 1975. Bishop of Nova Scotia, September 1, 1975. Retired, January 1, 1980. Died January 31, 1998


The Rt. Rev. Leonard Fraser Hatfield M.A., D.D. Consecrated, October 17, 1976. Installed Bishop Suffragan of Nova Scotia, October 17, 1976. Elected Bishop Coadjutor, September 27, 1979. Bishop of Nova Scotia, January 1, 1980. Retired, September 30,1984 - Died September 14, 2001

The Most Rev. Arthur Gordon Peters B.A., B.S.T., B.D., D.D. Consecrated February 2, 1982. Installed as Bishop Coadjutor of Nova Scotia, February 2, 1982. Installed Bishop of Nova Scotia November 29,1984. Elected Metropolitan (Archbishop) of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada on October 19th, 1997. Retired February 28, 2002

The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz B. Sc. M.Div. D.D. was elected Suffragan Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on October 6, 1994 and was consecrated on January 18, 1995. He was elected Coadjutor on November 9, 2001. He became Diocesan Bishop March 1, 2002. He resigned as diocesan bishop effective September 20, 2007 to become Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.


The Rt. Rev. Sue Moxley B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M.Div.  was elected Suffragan Bishop, November 2003 and ordained bishop on March 25, 2004. She was elected Diocesan Bishop October 20, 2007, and Installed to that office on November 23, 2007.  Bishop Sue retired on March 31, 2014.







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