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The First Station: Jesus is condemned.
Mark 14:53-64

The Second Station: Jesus takes up his cross. John 19:16-17

The Third Station: Jesus falls for the first time under the weight of the Cross.

The Fourth Station. Jesus meets his mother.

The Fifth Station. Simon of Cyrene carries his cross. Luke 23:26

The Sixth Station. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Psalm 27:8-9

The Seventh Station. Jesus falls for the second time.

The Eighth Station. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem. Luke 23:27-30

The Ninth Station. Jesus falls the third time.

The Tenth Station. Jesus is stripped of his garments.

The Eleventh Station. Jesus is nailed to the cross. Mark 15:22-32

The Twelfth Station. Jesus dies on the cross. John 19:28-30


The Thirteenth Station. Jesus is placed in the arms of his mother.

The Fourteenth Station.  Jesus is laid in the tomb. Matthew 27:57-61


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