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“We want to feel we are part of something that is attractive and growing, a place of positive energy.”  There is a desire to “feel part of something that is excellent, the best we can be”. We will do this through:

  • Attentive nurturing of common life– that creates community where people know each other and are appreciative of what each has to offer

  • Extravagant hospitality – that welcomes, invites and connects

  • Participative liturgy - that draws people into the experience of holy worship through their minds and senses

  • Excellence in music and the arts – that invites artistic expression in liturgy and performance

  • Intelligent inquiry and dialogue –that offers challenging, enjoyable and diverse opportunities to explore, to learn

  • Compassionate service, advocacy and justice-building – rising to the challenge

  • Ministry of presence- To be a holy and spiritual place within downtown Halifax


The Cathedral Church, the seat of the Bishop and mother church for all Anglicans in the diocese, is also the spiritual home for approximately 330 families. Located in downtown Halifax amid hospitals and universities, it attracts an inclusive, diverse, welcoming congregation who embrace a variety of liturgical styles and traditions.

Congregational Council is the legal entity for the cathedral congregation.  This group of 16 members includes appointed and elected representatives and synod delegates who meet monthly to manage the affairs of the church on behalf of the congregation. The Dean’s Warden, the Cathedral Warden and the Chair of Congregational Council are the principal officers. The structure of the sub-committees reflects the Vision of the Cathedral.

Click here for a list of council members.

These teams of dedicated volunteers assist at regular and diocesan services by performing traditional sidesmen duties. In addition, they welcome parishioners and newcomers, provide assistance and information and assure the smooth flow of communicants.

Saints Alive welcomes both women and men for a fellowship of devotion, prayer, and education, with guest presenters on a monthly basis.

Coffee Hour Hosts welcome both women and men to host the coffee Hour following two of the Sunday services: 9:00a.m. and 10:30a.m.

Sanctuary Guild welcomes both women and men for the care, regular upkeep, and beautification of the dathedral, including the care of holy vessels, precious metals, and linens, and the arrangement of flowers.

St. Catherine’s Group welcomes all cathedral women for a fellowship of education and service to the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the Community.

Friends of the Cathedral: Supporting the Cathedral Church of All Saints
The Friends of the Cathedral is a Foundation to support the cathedral that is currently in a conceptual phase at the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax, NS. The plan is to have this entity assume, as a major part of its focus, the mandate of the former Cathedral League, an Anglican Church Women group, with diocesan roots, whose mandate it was to beautify the Cathedral.

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Fri 12 noon HE (BCP)

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