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1984 The Cathedral Church of All Saints’ Needlepoint 1997needlework

Over 100 pieces of needlepoint, stitched by members of All Saints’ Cathedral and of various churches in the Diocese, are found throughout the Transept, Chancel, Sanctuary, and in St. Luke’s and St. Stephen’s Chapels.

The Transept Litany Desk kneeler designs reflect the carvings in the wood.

St. Luke’s Chapel

Hanging on the backs of the small chairs are Parish Kneelers contributed by 42 Diocesan parishes. Designs have a symbolic or geographical significance to the parish. The seven pieces at the altar depict symbols for the Parable of the Good Samaritan and St. Luke, the Physician.  Colours match those in the stained glass window over the “breezeway” door.


The Dean’s Stall cushion design is the wood carver’s interpretation of the Dean & Chapter crest. The Verger’s Stall and the Pre-precentor’s Stall have the Canterbury Cross as their centre design. The symbol for Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music, is found on the Precentor’s Stall cushion.
The cushions in the Canon Stalls repeat the shields of the British saints carved above the stalls. The cushions and kneelers for the Bishop’s Cathedra and the Diocesan Chancellor’s Stall bear their crests.


In the south/left corner is an antique chair with cushion and kneeler. The kneeler design has the winged eagle symbol for St. John the Evangelist in memory of Dean Llwd’s book on the life of St. John. The centre stall to the right of the High Altar has the WA-ACW 100th Anniversary cushion and kneeler.

To the left of the High Altar on the Bishop Suffragan’s Stall is a cushion with the Bishop’s crest as carved above the stall and a kneeler provided by The Mother’s Union. Also used at the High Altar rail are four white wedding kneelers.

St. Stephen’s Chapel

The three altar rail kneelers trace the story of the Cathedral in “churches”, with pictures of St. Paul’s (the first Cathedral), St. Luke’s, St. Alban’s and St. Stephen’s. The congregations of the latter three joined to form All Saints’, the present cathedral church, which was dedicated in 1910.  As well, there are two priest’s kneelers, a prayer desk kneeler, and a chair cushion.  Congregational chair kneelers in this Chapel are blue.


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