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Late May early June 2022

Hello All Saints Cathedral Church Community,

Content of the Worship & Faith Formation Task Group is now available here. 
The Worship & Faith Formation Task Force is delighted to invite you to learn about the findings regarding worship and faith formation at All Saints. The findings have been synthesized for you as it is the culmination of a larger journey that began in 2019. You will receive the content of the presentation in advance, by May 23rd. Please come ready to participate, bringing your questions and comments.
We will share our recommendations and receive feedback on two upcoming dates May 29th  and  June 1st The two sessions will be identical in the information being shared, with opportunities for both online and in-person gathering. The purpose of each session is the same; to help as many people as possible understand the process that has led to the conclusions reached. You will have time to ask questions and share comments, anticipating approximately 90 minutes in duration.

The Worship & Faith Formation Task Force is grateful to so many who have provided their time, insight, and ideas during this process.
See you soon!
Session 1 - In Person at the Great Hall
Sunday, May 29, following 10 am worship (expecting an 11:30 am start time)

Session 2 - Zoom Meeting Zoom Link
Wednesday, June 1at 7:30 pm

Sunday, June 12

Sunday, May 29 at 4 p.m.
This Sunday afternoon at 4 pm, Capella Regalis, who are completing a concert tour of Nova Scotia, will present a musical repertoire here at the Cathedral, no tickets required, a free will offering will be received. We strongly encourage those attending to observe our masking policy. Capella Regalis is a registered Nova Scotia non-profit society, and an educational outreach program of Musique Royale. For more information please visit their Website https://capellaregalis.com/.

Saturday, June 4 at 2 p.m. in the Great Hall
On Saturday, June 4th, we are pleased to be the location for the launching of new children’s book, by the Honourable Mayann Francis.  The Book is titled, One Summer in Whitney Pier.  The local publishers Nimbus Press calls it; a love letter to the diverse Cape Breton community that Dr. Francis calls home, and a celebration of breaking bread with your neighbours. For more information please visit Atlantic Books here.

Sunday, June 5 at 4 p.m.
The Cathedral will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation with a Service of readings and prayers with music from the Queen’s Coronation, on June 2nd 1953, in Westminster Abbey  We are delighted to learn that His Honour,  the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia the Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc will be bringing a message of greeting to the service.  

If you would like to remember a loved one, friend, or a special event in your life, you can give a gift of Wine & Hosts, or sponsor a Sunday bulletin. Please email the Cathedral Office with your preferred date, and wording to be included in the bulletin on that Sunday. Please note that the suggested donation is $25 for each.  

 And now for something completely different…
This quiz comes via former Cornerstone Newsletters, and is Ruth’s legacy - her devotion and constant love of Bible stories. The quiz adds a dash of Great Britain’s Monarchy’s history as our Cathedral celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen and Governor of this Realm. Answers are found at the bottom of the page.

Quiz Questions
1. Why did the tribes of Israel want to be governed by a King?
2. Why is the name Kish, a man of Benjamin important in Jewish history?
3. What acts are done by Judge Samuel to make Saul a King?
4. How did the people of England get a King?
5. Where does “Long live the King” (or Queen) come from?
ROYAL TRIVIA [True or False ]
a. Her Majesty prefers food with onions and garlic T__ F__
b. Her Majesty’s full title is 34 words long T__ F__
c. The home in London, where the Queen was born is now a Tim Horton’s Cafe T__ F__
d. Her Majesty is Bilingual in English and German T__ F__

Check out the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Facebook page - a great way to keep in touch with one another, share pictures, news, and resources.

10 a.m. Holy Eucharist

Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. (Book of Alternative Services) &
Fridays at 12noon (Book of Common Prayer)
Wednesday and Friday Services are held in the main body of the Cathedral. Please enter via the purple awning door. 

Online services continue Sundays at approximately 11:30 am. You will also find online Morning Prayer services Monday – Saturday, on our Cathedral’s Facebook and YouTube pages, available to view after 6:30 am, a mid-week check-in with updates and announcements at noon, and a Meditation Group, via Zoom, on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm (zoom link available through: prayasyoucan3@gmail.com )

Sunday’s bulletin is available at Newsletters/Bulletins.

Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. 
No experience necessary, instruction is provided. Don't worry if you cannot make it every week - come whenever you can. To register please email us at prayasyoucan3@gmail.com. Please put "Christian Meditation" in the subject line. 

Wednesdays at noon in the Great Hall
is on Summer Break until mid-September.

Quiz Answers
1.1 Samuel: Chapter 8 Verses 4- end
2. Kish is father of Saul, first King of Israel
3. Samuel pours oil on Saul’s head and kisses Saul. Samuel 10: verse 1
4. The arrival of the Norman conquest of England and Willian the Conqueror becomes the King of all England
5. The Old Testament ~ 1 Samuel 10: vs 24

Royal Trivia Answers:
a F  b T  c F  d F




Outreach Update

“Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Outreach Committee General Update
  • Reflections from Linda Wilson, Executive Director of Shelter Nova Scotia
  • Update on PWRD
  • Short-term Volunteer Opportunities and Other Ways to Give

Outreach Committee General update
We were delighted to have a guest join the Outreach Committee meeting on May 11th. Deacon Ray introduced us to Gabriella, a third-year engineering student at Dalhousie University. Gabriella shared with is that her mother and brothers are UNHR refugees in Kenya. She is working diligently to have them join her here in Canada. The Outreach Committee have agreed to have the Cathedral Church of All Saints sponsor the application to bring her family to Halifax. Gabriella is working very hard to raise the necessary money and already has suitable accommodations for when her family can join her. She is a remarkable and delightful young woman. Please hold Gabriella and her family in prayer.
Reflections from Linda Wilson, Executive Director of Shelter Nova Scotia
“Shelter Nova Scotia is no longer a diamond in the rough. We’re experts in our field, and our task is clear: to deploy our knowledge, talent, experience, and resources in new ways to bring significant social insight, responsive high-quality programs and services, and long-term change to how we serve people in need in Nova Scotia.” This is what Linda Wilson, Executive Director of Shelter Nova Scotia recently shared with Chris Fields, Outreach Committee Chair and Gillian Doucet Campbell, Engagement Leader of the Cathedral Church of All Saints.
These encouraging words, both excited and challenged Gillian and Chris. As you know, there is a housing crisis in Nova Scotia. In fact, in the last few years, homelessness has become increasingly visible throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. We have seen the creation of crisis shelters, an increase in tents in municipal parks (with people living in tents right outside our church), and more people being temporarily housed in hotels. As of May 17, 2022, 586 people in Halifax are experiencing homelessness. Shelter Nova Scotia does have a plan to assist in this crisis. Linda spoke of their plans and shared their Operational Plan for 2022-2025. Here is a part of Linda’s message about the past few years:
“In recent years, our shared priority as an organization has been to stop and stabilize. This included:
• ensuring the six buildings owned by Shelter Nova Scotia are safe, in good repair, and functioning effectively;
• grounding the organization with sound financial practice and reliable and appropriate funding;
• anchoring board governance, membership, and strategic planning; and
• establishing a living wage for all employees and strengthening teams.
We did it. We achieved our goals, even as COVID-19 reached out and touched absolutely everything we do, and housing surfaced as perhaps THE central social issue in Nova Scotia. We adjusted, improved, and even opened a new service.”
This new service is a housing hub on Cunard Street with 19 small apartments on the upper levels. On the ground floor is a drop-in centre for homeless people where they can have a shower, do laundry and have coffee and snacks. Linda showed us their plans to build a much larger Housing Hub on the vacant lot just north of Metro Turning Point on Barrington. Although they can get government grants for their basic services, funding for food and salaries is much more difficult and they rely heavily on donations from individuals and organizations such as us.
Linda indicated they now have about 100 employees to support and when we asked about the annual cost of one employee, she said it’s about $73K when you include benefits, coverage for vacation, and on-going training that is needed. She explained they have to offer competitive salaries and walk their talk by being a workplace that provides staff with a living wage. 
We know we can continue to make a real difference for our neighbours at Shelter Nova Scotia by providing of our time and skills. If you know you can contribute in this way, they will be accepting volunteers again this coming September.
The Covid-19 pandemic has made the past two years very tough for Shelter Nova Scotia, their staff, and especially their clients. The generous financial and in-kind donations from like-minded organizations like us, who want to care for our neighbours, has enabled them to survive. Donations continue to be greatly appreciated. If you are able, please contribute financially here to Shelter Nova Scotia and make the difference in someone’s life today.
As the war and hardship faced by refugees from Ukraine dominates our news, PWRDF wants to make sure that refugees from another crisis are not forgotten. The following is an article by Janice Biehn of PWRDF from their website.
PWRDF is allocating $360,000 to support humanitarian relief efforts in four parts of the world where needs are high, where looming conflict threatens to further displace people and where crisis is preventing families from staying healthy.
In the first month of the war in Ukraine, donors gave $360,000 to PWRDF. These funds are supporting Ukrainians seeking safety in Hungary and Moldova, as well as those needing medical attention in and around the city of Kyiv.
“We are taking the same amount from our PWRDF reserves to allocate $90,000 each to four humanitarian responses, each of them complex, each of them seeking justice, health and peace for communities so affected,” says Executive Director Will Postma. “We are doing so at a time when we are concerned for the people of Ukraine, the loss of peace and so many lives, but also recognize the many other humanitarian crises around the world that need financial support.”
The funds will support the following crises:
Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma). More than 100,000 Rohingya are living in Rakhine state, confined to displacement camps which have been called open-air prisons. There are severe limitations on movement, education and healthcare. PWRDF will support the ongoing work of Lutheran World Federation, bringing food, healthcare and dignity to people now marginalized by the regime. 
People of Iraq. The protracted humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the most volatile in the world. Internally displaced people, refugees, returnees and their host communities are the most vulnerable. Under the ACT Appeal, LWF Iraq is improving water, sanitation and hygiene services, promoting income generating activities and working with local community groups to address sexual and gender based violence.
People of Ethiopia, with a particular focus on the residents of Tigray. While enduring conflict for two years, as well as COVID restrictions, people of Tigray have been denied foreign aid. Programming will support safe water, sanitation and hygiene for those most vulnerable, especially those who have been displaced as they have sought safety. This support will build on past work of Lutheran World Federation, through the ACT Alliance.
People of Syria. As the war and displacement continues, PWRDF is renewing its support for the Middle East Council of Churches through the ACT Alliance appeal for Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. MECC will use the PWRDF funds to train Syrian women in Jordan to run small businesses, or to become homecare workers or nurse assistants.  
The impact and cost of the war in Ukraine will be felt for years and the needs will be great. “So too are the needs of others in the world affected by a combination of conflict, climate change and COVID,” says Postma. “We are seeing in many countries how supply chain interruptions have increased prices of wheat, vegetable oil and fertilizers, which in turn has led to greater food insecurity. PWRDF is also monitoring needs in Afghanistan and Yemen and we are considering how to further leverage resources through our membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.”
If you would like to get more involved with PWRDF click here to learn more.
Short-term Volunteer Opportunities and Other Ways to Give
Shelter Nova Scotia Volunteer Opportunity
We will be preparing a meal for one of the Shelter Nova Scotia homes on May 28th under the direction of Deacon Ray Carter. Volunteer help is always appreciated. Please contact Ray at ray.carter@me.com.

Ask Box
During May and June as a church community we are collecting items related to being outside in the summer. All items are to be new and never opened. Items being asked for include:

  • sunscreen
  • ball caps
  • ankle socks
  • after sun care such as aloe vera gel
  • deodorant
  • lip balm with an SPF
  • reusable water bottles
  •  After Bite or calamine lotion

Please leave your items in the Ask Box located by the front doors of the Cathedral Church. You are also welcome to provide a financial donation to Shelter Nova Scotia as they have greater buying power due to arrangements with various companies and vendors.  
St. Georges Soup Kitchen
The next will be on October 1st. If you’d like to volunteer your time by cutting vegetables, cleaning pots, and enjoying the company of other volunteers please contact Deacon Heather at heathermaceachern51@gmail.com.

We continue to collect non-perishable food for St. Marks Food Bank as well as eyeglasses for CNIB. Please leave your items in the Ask Box located by the front doors of the Cathedral Church. Thank you for your thoughtful generosity.

April 1, 2022

Welcome Gillian!
Last week we welcomed Gillian Doucet Campbell to our full-time staff here at the Cathedral.  Gillian takes up the position of Engagement Leader, one of the key elements of our Rising Up visioning and strategic planning initiative. 
What will her work entail?  The position of Engagement Leader is broadly defined as one of support for the growth of the Cathedral's mission, through work in communications, enhancing digital capabilities, fundraising, and outreach support. She will work proactively towards solutions while energizing and unifying others, and keeping people focused on our collective purpose and vision with contagious positivity; with the overall intention of growing the reach and impact of the Cathedral Church of All Saints.

What is her background? Before returning here to her Maritime roots with her family this month, Gillian was the Director of Stewardship and Development for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. There she provided strategic direction and the coordination of stewardship and fund development initiatives to foster a culture of generous, intentional stewards focused on renewal and mission. With over fifteen years' experience in fundraising, administration, and constituent care focusing on generous hospitality and gratitude she has activated over $12 million through major and planned gifts, grants, and sponsorships in small to mid-sized non-profits. 
Gillian has a particular interest in giving trends in Canada and the wider Church, social enterprise, ethical financial investing, Design Thinking, and organizational change. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and is on the board of Abundance Canada (formerly the Mennonite Foundation of Canada) serving on both its Nominations and Investment Committees.
We are indeed blessed to have her part of our community and to bring her expertise, joyous energy, and fresh perspectives as we journey into a future that has been dramatically altered by a two-year pandemic.  This is a critical moment in the life of the church, and her arrival is timely indeed.  
Gillian notes in her biographic sketch, that she has lived in almost all the provinces of Canada, is a life-long learner, and thrives on curiosity and coffee.  So please reach out to her, make yourself known, and welcome her to her new home.  Curiosity and coffee, yes, but she won’t say no to chocolate either.

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Service Commemorating the Platinum Jubilee

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